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Ming-Jung Yu

Be yourself, do what you want to do

Technology x Languages x Fortune-Telling

Back-end Engineer x Polyglot x Blogger

About Me

Hello, it’s Ming-Jung Yu.

28 years old, woman.
Python Back-End Engineer (2+ work experience)
New Taipei City 220, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Love to build my web, sharing logic thinkings and concepts and developing creative projects.


Enthused with Software Development, Exporing Different Cultures, Learning Languages, Writing Blogs and Researching Fotune-Telling.

This is my personal website, which represents the impression of myself and sharing positive concepts, knowledge, solutions and experiece. Related topics: software development, language learning, divination and other. Developed by Hugo, hosting on Github.

After the 2015 years, I awake from strongly addiction of online games, I visited America and Nordic Europe, met people from Germany, Hungary, Australia in my university, met travelers around world in different airports of different countries, they looked freedom, independent and expressing their ideas, which was very less in our culture.

So I began to create my website and writing articles to share positive concepts, personal experience, inspirational stories and recording life after I escaped from from addiction of online games.

I like to stay with people from different countries and cultures, I have learned different languages to communicate with them.


Software Development: Python Back-End Engineer, worked 2+ years and having 10+ projects and products work experience.

Language Learning: Native: Traditional Chinese, I have learned English, Japanese, Spanish and Russian. I like to research culture, literature and knowledge by using different language and communicating with people from different countries and cultures.

Writing: sharing life experience. providing different solution/thinking to problems, or expressing things in logic way.

Research: using logic method to research things in life, touching logics in software development to help thinking and like to explore fortune-telling methods.

Travel: being a backpacker to know this world. exchanging different life experience with people around world.




This is my Chinese Resume.

This is my English Resume.