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[Product Development Diary] The future plan of Miri | Series(3) | Story

With enthusiasm and less powerful programming ability, I began to try to develop my own software product. Record stories about the future plans of Miri, what features I want to do in the future, what should I do before continue develop it.


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I always think, as a software engineer, what’s my dream? What’s my next target and task?

For me, dream and objectives are the important power for keeping motivation and enthusiasm, if the dream is hard to achieve, and it will be the best point to keep learning and doing.

So as a software engineer, my original intention was not engineer is easy to earn money, is not that I don’t have other options, it is because I want to make own products, I want to create things by myself, also playing skills is another reason.

I have always thought if I work for money, what will leave after I work as engineer many years? Will it many programming skills? Will it a lot of money? Will it achievement or skills of management?

Since I was young, I touched many computer things by myself, I felt accomplished while writing code in computer class in junior school. One of my dream was my making a personal website by myself, because I didn’t suit to many different blog platforms, I want to edit themes and arragement by myself, this was one reason that I want to be a software engineer.

I didn’t aware my real dream before and I have thought a while in this half year then I know that my dream is Create by myself and I need to keep learning skills and having implement experience constantly.

After developed the third version of Miri, I feel my technical skills are still immature. I need to have more experience and learn more, so I stopped the development of Miri. After I accumlate more skills, I become more powerful, I will back and design Miri more perfact.

Chapter 8 - The location of Miri

Like I referred at the first story, The main concept of the Miri is very important, I always stood at back-end point to develop Miri, I didn’t know that I should stand more higher perspective to plan Miri. I need to think about the product location of Miri, what users want to see? What’s balance between ideal (Helping people) and business (Earning money for development and maintenance) and many other things.

Before next time I continue to develop Miri, I need to think about

  • The main concept
  • Target users and customers
  • What is the final map

Then other questions will accord to these three answers.

  • Do it need multiple languages?
  • Do it need to develop app?
  • How’s the interface does Miri need?
  • What’s feature does Miri need?

Then design Miri according these questions, implement, .. the job of Back-end and Front-end …

Chapter 9 - Future Features

Although I need to clear the main concept of Miri, but I know some features I definitely hope to do it in the future!

So the following parts I want to do it at future:

  • Develop independent front-end (website and app), Separate front-end from Line Bot and Telegram Bot.
  • Develop Graphical Chart of Astrology chart and Zi Wei
  • Develop new divination methods
  • Design and draw divination cards by ownself
  • Optimize explanation of all divination methods
  • Research the probability of getting cards
  • Research the combination explanation and smart explanation

The above list is whole features I can imagine currently, others points like How many methods should it have? and What's the UI should it need? and many other questions I still need to think and clarify them.

So make a product my ownself is not easy, that’s why many start-up product need to re-make again and again, because there are many different things need to be clarify and considered and no one can know that the currently decisions will be fail or not, we can not know future now.

But If I really want to do, then go, just need to do more consideration as I can.

This series will stop temporarily, I hope there will be next story, we expect it!

Thanks for reading, the next article will begin to introduce development skills of Miri.

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