Career Profile

Enthused with Software Development and Team Cooperation.

Dedicated Python Back-end developer for 2+ years, having Master and bachelor’s degrees in Information Technology, worked on 10+ projects development which includes personal side-project and products.
Experienced with Agile project management: Scrum and TDD Agile practices.
Experienced with git, unit tests, code refactoring, code review, readable comments and good document writing for code quality.
Excellent teamwork- communicated and worked with different roles and departments.
Interested with learning languages, exploring different cultures, writing articles.

Experiences & Projects

Back-end Software Engineer

2019/11 - 2021/02 ~ 1 year 3 months
AcBel Polytech Inc., Taipei

Worked on IoT products using Python, Flask, PostgreSQL and Redis, familiar with Scrum and TDD Agile practices. Cooperated with 5 people small team includes UI designer, Front-end Engineer, Product Owner and Junior Back-End Engineer.


  • Designed clarify and high extendable system structure.
  • Implemented APIs, database operation, business logic calculation and more Back-End tasks
  • Improving the efficiency of data processing by using Index in database, Redis, temporary storage in Python and Multi-Thread/Async design.
  • Processing data with MQTT protocol, broker, IoT devices and gateway devices.
  • Wrote readable comments, refactored imperfect code and wrote document for keeping the quality of code.
  • Reviewed code with Junior Engineer and Product Owner for keeping the quality of code.
  • Designed suitable database schema for improving the process speed of database.
  • Designed logic procedures for processing the lost data and reducing the risk of missing data.
  • Supported Junior engineers to solve unsolvable skills problems, clarify logical contradiction.
  • Leaded meetings in each sprint cycle, discussed with team members for completing progress, reviewing process, divided implementation tasks according the specification after weekly meeting.
  • Communicated with street lights vendors for checking the error procedures, commands of the hardware (controller) of the street lights.
  • Communicated with solar energy mechanics vendors for discussing the format of messages from IoT devices, debugging and meeting.

Solar Energy Sites Data Collect System (2020/11-2021/02)

A solar energy site data collector which receives instant data from all solar energy sites every 2 minutes through MQTT message broker. Processing, calculating and saving data into database for monitoring and analyses.

Solar Energy Site Project Auditing and Management (2020/10-2020/12)

A program tool for helping the solar energy department of sales understand the operation progress of each solar site project and documents, generating reports per day for reviewing the progress and lack of documentation.

Solar Energy Sites Monitor Platform (2020/04-2020/09)

A dashboard website for showing whole status, efficiency, calculation and prediction information instantly of total 116 Taiwanese solar energy sites data, receiving every 2 minutes instant data from IoT devices through MQTT message broker.

Street Light Smart Management System (2019/11-2020/05)

A management website can monitor and manage the instant situation of total 260 thousand streetlights in Taiwan. Receiving instant data of 260 thousand streetlights through MQTT protocol and includes managing devices situation, controlling devices by sending commands, issue reports, scheduling light, account management and more features.

#Python #Flask #MQTT #Restful API #Async #Thread #Docker #Jenkins #PostgreSQL #Agile #SMBProtocol3 #Pandas #XlsxWriter #Object-oriented #SQLAlchemy #Redis #TDD #JWT #Swagger

Back-end Engineer

2018/09 - 2019/09 ~ 1 year
Synergies Intelligent System, Inc., Taipei

Worked on AI product and web applications, using Python, Flask and packages like Pandas, Numpy and NLTK. Familiar with Scrum and TDD Agile practices. Cooperated with 10 people team includes UI designer, Front-End Engineers, Product Manager, Senior Back-End Engineers and Data Scientists. Supported AI Bank Insurance System project which developed by Java and Python.


  • Implemented REST APIs, data calculation and more simple Back-End tasks followed specification divided by Senior Back-end Engineer Assisted to write unit tests of each developed features.
  • Supported with Senior Back-end Engineer to complete complex features.
  • Wrote readable comments, refactored imperfect code and wrote document for keeping the quality of code.
  • Reviewed code with Senior Back-end Engineer for keeping the quality of code.
  • Supported to write Test plans in project Robot-Advisor.
  • Maintained the python scrawler module to get the daily financial data in project Robot-Advisor.
  • Assisted to write Test plans in project Robot-Advisor.
  • Supported project deployment with Project Manager.
  • Interacted with Bank end-customers for testing and debugging project Robot-Advisor.

Robot-Advisor (2019/07-2019/08)

AI Bank Insurance System project, recommend suitable insurance plans based on customers’ requirements by Black-Litterman (BL) Model algorithm.

SyGPS™ AI-enabled business GPS (2018/11-2019/06)

A Business Intelligence (BI) product with AI algorithm, developed in Python, Flask and Vue.js, analyzes big data from enterprises’s databases which consists of past operations, sales, etc. and predicts future trends. Users can ask questions and can get insights analyzed by AI.

Beijing Industrial Project (2018/09-2018/11)

A monitor website developed in Python and Flask, provides features such as KPI calculation, yield failure rate, people flow system, employee monitoring, and alarm system for helping Foxconn company to manage factories.

#Python #Flask #Pandas #MySQL #Crontab #MSSQL #TestPlan #Object-oriented #SQLAlchemy #NLTK #Docker #Jenkins #Agile #TDD

Research Assistant

2017/04 - 2018/06 ~ 1 year 2 months
Shih Chien University, Taipei

Assisted government project: The Data Construction and Research Analysis of Vulnerable Families. Supported advising professor in projects development.


  • Assisted advising professor for calculating up to 20 million Taiwanese citizen data by using SAS and SQL.
  • Made reports for presenting data virtualization and discussed with government officials.

The Data Construction and Research Analysis (2017/04-2018/06)

Assisted government to analyze reasons of Vulnerable Families so that they can take required actions and make better decision. Collaborated to Ministry of Health and Welfare and Department of Social Work.

Bonus System Software (2018/04-2018/06)

A Python Desktop software for verifying my Master’s degree paper: A Bonus-based Approach to the Improvement of MOOC Completion Rate, which calculates scores based on student activity while students take online courses, showing scores to students as a feeling of achievement and helping to increase students’ willingness to learn courses.

#Python2 #Django #Tkinder #SQL #SAS

Website Developer (University-Part Time)

2016/04 - 2018/01 ~ 2 years
Shih Chien University, Taipei

Developed official website of University Administration Office.


  • Developed Front-end page by html, CSS and JQuery.
  • Developed Back-end management system by Python, Django and LDAP.
  • Discussed with supervisor and secretary of IR Office.

IR Office Official Site (2016/04-2016/09)

My first website development project, *only in Chinese.

#Python #Django #html #css


Information Technology and Management (Master)

2016 - 2018 ~ 2 years
Shih Chien University

Master’s degree Paper: A Bonus-based Approach to the Improvement of MOOC Completion Rate. Subjects: Website Development, Python Programming, Big Data, Agile Project Management, International Communication and Discussion.

  • 3+ projects implementation experience.
  • 2 years Class representative.
  • Selected as a Japanese translator and staff member at Kyoto Seminar.
  • Selected for a business trip by University. Visited enterprises in Pennsylvania, America and met with local programmers who used Python to develop IoT.
  • Selected as a Teaching Assistant for C Language in Information Technology Department.
  • Selected as a Teaching Assistant for English in English taught Program in International Business Department.

Information Technology and Management (Bachelor)

2011 - 2015 ~ 4 years
Shih Chien University

Subjects: Unity, Photoshop, Website development

  • 4th place in swimming competition.
  • Staff of Health Unit

Personal Projects

Sharing development and learning experience on my personal website:, most personal website (including resumes) are host on github, also including some tools-related code in github.

Miri Robot Fortune Teller (2017/11-) - Own developed divination and fortune-telling product, it moves the traditional flows of divination and fortune-telling to software and internet. Through the message mode, it guides users follow the process and ask questions which are confused to them, getting the results from the selected divination method and explains it.

Released the third version in 2021 Aug, it provides 6 divination methods currently, with simple user guide, connected with Line Bot and Telegram Bot platforms and provides English and Chinese language options. Developed by Python, FastApi, hosted on Heroku, more features are planning, the development is still progressing…
#Python #FastApi #Line Bot API #Telegram Bot API #Heroku #SQLite #Postgresql
Luna Acuario @Mina (2019/01-) - My personal website, which is represented the impression of my personal. Writing articles about software development, language learning, divination and psychological life experience and other topics. Developed by Hugo, hosting on Github, sometimes adjusting html and css by ownself.
#Golang #Hugo #Html #CSS #JavaScript
Earth Ethical Eating Day (2017/08-2017/09)
- Helped Taiwanese international humanitarian and non-governmental organization Tzu Chi Foundation to build a website for exciting people eat vegetables and fruits instead meat and fish.
Cooperated with Back-end Engineer, designed and Implement front-end html and css part.


Sharing special experience in learning and working period, such as learning experience and business trip.

2021/08 - Finished Russian A1 classes on Coursera.
2017/11 - Selected for a business trip by University. Visited enterprises in Pennsylvania, America. - Communicated with local programmers who used Python to develop IOT.
2017/01- 2017/07 - Selected as a Teaching Assistant for C Language in Information Technology Department.
2017/04 - Selected as a Japanese translator and staff member at Kyoto Seminar.
2016-2018 - Recognized as a Class representative for master’s degree for 4 semesters.