Career Profile

Loving Information Technology and language learning. Master degree of Information Technology. Researching Big Data in MA, 2 years experience of government project of Big Data. Learning website development and being website programmer in school. First job work in American start-up company, being Back-end Developer for developing AI company product and maintaining Bank product of Robo-Advisor. Using hugo to build personal website in 20191, developing own LINE chatbot by knowledge learned in company. Working with IT brings me training of logic, inference and the ability to solve problems. Learning languge gives me confidence, training to have communication with cross culture, thinking in different aspect and tolerant.

Using programming language is Python, having experience of Flask and Django structure and python package including: pandas, NLTK, Jeiba, Selenium, unittest…etc. Experience with Agile project management: Scrum, kanban and TDD. Using github and gitlab. Coding with unit test and refactor to arising quality of code. emphasizing team work with good communication ability and good experience of communication with customers.


Back-end Junior

2018/9 - 2019/9
Synergies Intelligent System, Inc., Taipei

First job for me, Mainly developing AI company product: SyGPS™ AI-enabled business GPS. Developing application(API), calculation, unit test by using Python and flask, fix bugs. Helping to QA part, implement auto-testing by Selenium. Touched technology include: pandas, numpy, NLTK, parse token of questions, jieba. Agile project experience of Scrum, kanban and TDD. Join Bank product: Robot-Advisor, implement Web Crawler and Cronjob part. Helping to make QA Test document and going to solve problem to customers with PM.

Back-end Developer of Foxconn Industrial project.

Research Assistant

2017 - 2018
Shih Chien University, Taipei

Doing government project: The Data Construction and Research Analysis of Vulnerable Families, helping government to analysize Vulnerable Families and having decition. Collaborated to Ministry of Health and Welfare and Department of Social Work, using SAS to calculate Big Data, data analysis and data virtualization.

Website Developer

2016 - 2018
Shih Chien University, Taipei

Mainly develop IR Office official website of both Front-end and Back-end when Master, first project for me, using Djagno and basic Html, Css.


Sharing development and learning experience on my personal website:, most personal website (including resume) are host on github, also including some tools-related code in github.

Miri ChatBot - Line ChatBot, developed by myself. Now developing basic runes divination feature, planning more feature of divination feature and tend to develop communiocation feature.
Robot-Advisor - Bank product of Robot-Advisor, including Insurance System and Algorithm, developed by Python and Java. Mainly maintain python part: Web Crawler and cronjob. Helping to handling Test plan, deploying software to bank and going to solve problem to customers with PM. [Cannot provide project because company security contract.]
SyGPS™ AI-enabled business GPS - Company’s Product of AI, based on flask structure and Vue.js, developing back-end of caculation, application and unit test. Using unit test, refactoring and design pattern to arise the quality of software [Cannot provide project because company security contract.]
Beijing Industrial Project - Foxconn’s Industrial website project, Using Python and Flask. A factory industrial website with up to 11 scenarios, such as KPI calculation, yield failure rate, people flow system, employee monitoring, and alarm system. [Cannot provide project because company security contract.]
IR Office Official Site - Developing officail website of IR Office by using Django in Shih Chiem University. Github:
Bonus System Software - MA. Paper: A Bonus-based Approach to the Improvement of MOOC Completion Rate. A Python Desktop software developed at Master Degree that can trace user activity, including keyboard hook, chrome history tracking and web crawler. Calculate activities to specific score.
Mina's Life Travel - My personal website by Hugo Host on Github
Earth Ethical Eating Day - Helping Tzu Chi organization to develop website, design Front-end.
MINA'S GALLERY - My personal gallery website of photos by Hugo


Sharing special experience in learning and working period, such as learning experience and business trip.

2019/7 - First visiting to company’s customer with PM. helping to solve any problem and communicating with customer.
2019/1 - Building my personal website, build by Hugo, Host on Github.
2018/8 - Learning Arduino and basic eletronics knowledge.
2017/12 - Developing on AWS.
2017/12 - Developing Line ChatBot in basic level.
2017/11 - Enterprise visiting in Pennsylvania, America. - Communicating with local programmer who using Python to develop IOT.
2017/10 - Learing R Language in Taipei University.
2017/1- 2017/7 - C Language Teaching Asistant of Information Technology Department.
2017/4 - Business trip: Being Japanese translator and staff at Kyoto Seminar.
2016-2018 - Class representative of Master degree of 4 semesters.
2016/4 - Learning C and C++ Language in Department of Computer Science of Taiwan University.

Skills & Proficiency

Python & Flask



Unit Test

Shell Script