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Look at what you have, not what you don't have

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I seldom to write blog by using English recently.

It’s time to have some practice, or I’ll forget sense of English.

I don’t know the thought is true or false in Europe and America. Most Asians like to make comparison of ability, such as school level, who is good at studying and achievement. These activities may cause by extremely stress. Whatever it is in Japan or China, people are living in extremely stress.

When  I was a children in elementary school, classmates made score comparison after taking each exam. Teachers and parents emphasized the score of each student. Especially, if you got hight points of exam then you can win the class teacher’s vision.

What is success life? In Taiwan, having high salary job, wining lots of compliments from friends, parents and family, and engage to somebody. That is mean every people in order to get good job, they study hard and get high points in school. It is like that entering popular school or popular department can ensure ours life. However, actually most people who entered popular schools are losing their way.

In Taiwanese family, entering popular schools is more important then emphasis on children’s interests. To develop children’s personal ability is not important then getting more high score. Many students have to take same subjects exam in order to enter college.

Our life is full of studying and working. I suddenly think my life is boring.

I always feel inferiority when I meet somebody who get great achievements with same age. I’ll feel that I am a garbage, he/she is extremely smart and powerful. Based on this reason, I always feel sad and lose confidence in the past year. In contrast, I emphasize abilities what I don’t have too much, and ignoring what I have.

Each people is different, why do we make the comparison of ability, life and interests? I notice myself, to develop what I have, not emphasis on what I don’t have.

Finally, “Practice makes perfect”, keep walking on ours roads and develop ours UNIQUE life experience. Your life is up to you!

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