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How to learn a new language?

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In this road of learning language, I can’t promise I am good at language leaning. But, I can propose some learning principles based on my 10 years learning experience.

Actually, I begin to contact English since I was 10 years old. However, I forget English quickly because I don’t study English constantly. Learning Japanese for 8 years, Spanish 2 years and learning English again now (2 years). In addition, I have 2 months for learning Russian and German.

I have most experience of talking to people when I learn Japanese. Because of these experience, I don’t afraid to speak with Japanese and improve Japanese quickly. However, despite I can speak to Japanese fluently, I don’t success at language exam smoothly. Preparing language exam and using language fluently are not the same thing.

In addition, the difficulty of different languages are up to across different branch of different language. Such as learning Spanish, German, English is difficult to Asians. In contrast, Americans can quickly understand German because they have same grammar. They both are wrote by alphabet composition.

But, we don’t have some principles like “put ’s’ after Verbs, demand on female or male”. If you have been learn Spanish, you may understand “Yo ,Tu, El/Ella, Usted, Nosotros…” and each Spanish word have own’s gender. While I use female Subject, I have to change the verb, adj. and article to female gender. It is not easy for Asians.

However, most foreigners whose mother tongue is not Asian language can’t understand “respect words”, such as Japanese and Korean. Moreover, They don’t understand why there are too many “relationship calls” in Chinese.

I think that I give too many explanation on language. That’s see how to learn language quickly!

One day, I saw a TED video on YouTube, it is called “How to learn a new language in 6 months”

This speaker propose one important concept.

Input -> Output

Reading -> Writing

Listening -> Speaking

This concept is explain that you need to receive numerous information, such as collect data, before you begin to built language composition.

For example, reading numerous novels and articles, then you will begin to imitate the writing skills and grammar. To learn how to write good sentences by imitating author. Which word do the author use? Which grammar do the author use?

In TED video, the speaker propose another method, I write this in the following steps.

So, how to learn a new language?

Be curiosity.

Such as children, having curiosity can help us, desiring to understand new language. Some people said it is easy to learn new language by using children’s mode.

For instance, after I remember all of the Japanese alphabets, I went to the Japanese style supermarket with my mom. That is mean there are Japanese name on every commodities! I passed each road and simultaneously spoke Japanese name from each goods. This method just like I am a child and having curiosity to learn words.

In addition, there are different words and using method in different situation. How to chat with people, how to use these words and how to FLIRT with somebody.

Immerse your brain in language

This concept is proposed by TED speaker.

You need to immerse your brain in language. Always listening language by talking to people or podcasts.

When I begin to study English, I use a wrong method to learn it. Because I have to take the TOEFL exam, So I try to remember lots of words everyday. Take a book of alphabets and words, try to remember it hard everyday. This thing is so boring, because I have to take exam. Using “eyes” to remember each words. However, I don’t know the pronunciation of each words. So I don’t understand what speakers say in lectures or videos.

The TED speakers suggest listening language and speaking are the important step for every language learner.

Especially, after I remember lots of words, I found that those words are appear on articles and lectures can help me review the words. Then I can learn how to use words correctly.

Always changing mode

In this step, I suggest that change the language for your smartphone and computer, or any you will use it everyday. I change my smartphone and computer to English. So I am learning English while I playing mobile games.

You have to built a custom that using the language logics to think. When somebody using language which you are learning now to speak to you, you can switch it quickly.

Try to talk with people! If you have no friends like me, you can talk to robots. I don’t kidding you! Because of Technology development, there are different chat robots were devised recently. Let your brain to adapt language switching, you will found that you can switch language quickly gradually. You will suit it and speaking language fluently.

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