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A burning headache happened yesterday night.

I was sleeping and suddenly extreme headache came to me. I feel shock and considering that the reason originally is my mom didn’t yet sleep and affected me. Feeling very angry, because of burning headache.

Today’s morning, I went to school too. However, I had nose allergy in the morning at school. When I found that something is wrong, I was eating lunch with junior students.  I gradually headache, just like burning sensation and also having muscle ache whole body. Feeling extremely tired and I told them “I feel tired, want to back home.

Then, I felt extremely pain during the back home time and finally back to home securely. I had my body temperature and it gots 38.1C. So crazy, but the clinic is open at 3:oo o’clock, that is mean I have to wait 1hr.

God, kill me, Burning headache, extreme muscle ache and very tired are around me. I feel pain and cried at clinic. 

In the clinic, my body temperature gots 38.7C, after back home, I got 39C. This is the Flu which is popular recently in Taiwan. I am the lucky woman to gain the flu. Hoping to end this Flu quickly, I still have works and my paper, I have to keep my English Schedule.

I consider that I definitely spent more effort to study my English ability hard and writing paper seriously after I end this Flu.

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