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Why do I love this language: German?

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I have to collect my paper’s data now, but I want to have some lazy xD!

Maybe I need to clarify this paper is my responsibility, not my professor’s thing. I need to hold this paper, understanding the information and concept of the title.

It should be controlled by me, and in contrast the professor should be the supporter.

Today I want to talk about why I love German.

Several years ago, I learned Spanish toward traveling in South America.

I can’t hold the lesson in second week, that’s mean I can’t follow everyone’s step. So, I have the discussion with my Spanish teacher, Victor, from Paraguay. He just want me to keep learning.

Finally, I have been keeping to learn Spanish for two years, but I still don’t find any motivation.

Based on Japanese, which is the first language attracted me, Spanish don’t have any power to me. When I meet Japanese, the first concept is learn it immediately by myself. However, Spanish is just learned for traveling.

I love Japanese for some reasons.

  • artistic letters

Ya, that’s a crucial reason for learning Japanese! When I typing ありがとうございます, I consider that I am drawing now. Unlike English, everyone can see the sentence or letter to know what I say or I type. If I type 何をするんだ?何を話しているかな?, Many people only know it’s Japanese.

  • different performance

This is the second important reason which followed up by the first reason. Japanese have letters called “50 letters”, these 50 letters include “hirakana” and “katakana”, more interesting is different “hirakana” can compose of “kanji”.

  • easy pronunciation

We can have true pronunciation by following 50 letters, unlike English, it have numerous irregular pronunciation.


  • different grammar

Yesterday, my mom asked me “how do I say It’s raining heavily now” in Japanese.

Oh, very easy! You just plus “ing” and put “now” behind the sentence.

However, my mom asked me Japanese.

hmmm, there are divided for two types: Respect and Normal.

Everyone knows Japanese are very polite, they use “Respect pattern” of Japanese to respect elder, such as brother, father, boss, seniors. In contrast, they use “Normal pattern” to chat with classmate and friends, maybe there is other pattern to interact with people who have lower age than own.

  • Culture difference

I want to apologize for Japanese, I have to say I am a strong woman, so I can’t be “more tender”.

In February, I fall love in Russian language which is a new language to me, and I consider I can’t hold it because I was already 24 years old, I have to evaluate the efficacy.

So, I choose German

  1. beautiful pronunciation

  2. irregular arrangement

  3. more technological achievement

First, I consider that German have different pronunciation than English and Spanish, I can’t pronounce perfectly through letters or words. I don’t know how to have true pronunciation even I see the words. It’s interesting.

Second, irregular arrangement,




Sorry, I don’t know these words’s meaning. But, I think they are amazing xD!

Last, technological achievement, numerous scientific words or mathematical concepts are conceived by German.

In conclusion, I don’t want to debate with different language, I just propose my concept. Different language and different advantage depend on people. Hoping you can find language which is attracting you.

Good Luck!

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