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Try to control myself

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I feel extremely stress recently, even I have the vacation during the continue holidays.

After I enjoy my vacation, I back to the real society and be destroyed by stress again.

Now, I take deeply thinking and find some truth to answer my question.

I consider that I always be affect from any human relationship, freedom and time distribution.

Based on my question.

I find the following points directly affect me:

  • Anybody’s feeling

  • Freedom and occupying my time

  • Too closely relationship

So, I need to take some action to help me across the highly wall.

Firstly, try to control the feeling, don’t let every enmity, disappointment and any sad feel to affect you!

For example, I feel so angry because of the project, which make the cooperation between us and another department. Actually, this project not be accepted by government, it’s just the proposal now. We make the proposal and propose to government. In other words, we will receive the budget after we get the chance. But if we don’t get the chance? WE DO THE THINGS IN VAIN!

Moreover, I want to say there is a female professor who doesn’t do any thing but like to speak loudly. She send me message in the morning, she want me to NOTICE my professor  that do the job (ppt 4 pages) from the project. However, I was mad and crazy angry. I feel annoyance and these moods affect me, thus I don’t have motivation to do any my habits and keeping my effort.

I have to learn how to control my EQ, myself and my feeling. I need to get balance and control it.

This is involve the second point.

Second, if I concentrate it mostly, they will destroy me and my effort time. So, I have to clarify which is important to me and which is the second or not important things. Do the important things hardly, DO NOT do any second or not important things intently!

Just do my things, do any thing I want to do, don’t be afraid, don’t be affected by anybody.

Finally, human relationship, or be called “closely human relationship”, Thanks for Aquarius at my Moon horoscope, I don’t like to close to people, I need to keep some distance for everyone. In other words, while passing some time, I want to have some time to keep alone, my space and do my things intently.

So, I definitely need the summer and winter vacation to let me keep away people.

Too closely human relationship will make me so crazy and annoyance.

I have to take action quickly or I will get more crazy.

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