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The Extremely time

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I just want to typing English or typing something.

But, I want to sleep now, it’s too tired recently.

I suddenly was called by my professor to process the budget cancellation. I am a newbie of this part thus I make numerous mistake and I spent too much time to correct numerous documents. So I actually delay three days to complete the first step. First, I need to print the assistant hired form to four students, I make innumerable wrong, such as wrong date, wrong name and wrong information. I continuously trying and my professor find the staff of administration to direct me. I consider I was complete the arrangement yesterday, but I still make numerous mistake on today’s morning.

I feel huge stress in my heart, I feel extremely anxious and disappointment that nobody want to help me. Fulling of the stress and disappointment, I guess I am a terrible person.

I cancel the changing of website design of us department from senior. Due to extremely busy, thus I forget to keep my English practicing every day.

I was so tired, I don’t see any hope around me. I have to complete the budget cancellation tomorrow and send everyone to complete the quiz.

After completing these things, I have to change and create the website of IR office. I don’t know why I feel I don’t have any passion in website design, I consider I am extremely interest in website design originally. However, the passion of website design seemly disappeared. Language communication instead of the website design.

I want to thinking English everyday, hoping learn Japanese, Spanish, Germany and Russian. Perhaps, I love to enjoy these interests in the non-stress world.

The only thing I want to keep on extremely busy day is learning language, not coding. It is not only the weird phenomenon but also make something clearly, doesn’t it?

I feel so tired, anxious and stress, they make me can’t thinking.

Somebody tell me if someone want to catch me in May, don’t falling and keep awake. The guy definitely is not the good person, remember!

Finally, I really want to fall in love, but I know if it come to true, I absolutely can not afford this thing happened and maybe give up my dream again. 

Remember your dream is study or work abroad. It could difficult to become true, but you are walking on the road, right?

I know that I can’t let the love interfere my dream, I need to concentrate on my dream. But, when I try to talk these statement, it’s present that I am falling now.

Going to sleep and busy in your things tomorrow, you need time to make your thinking clearly and integrate the future road of life. It ls time to thinking, take it easy and don’t feel any anxious.

If I feel anxious, disappointment and stress, I guess it’s time to take the travel of my heart.

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