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Good evening! It’s Mina.

I don’t know whether the title can be named “Fixing”. xD

The meaning of “Fixing” is present the activity about cleaning computer, cleaning smartphone and include cleaning the target of future.

On the other words, I am scheduling my target now, such as learning JS, Python and research the function of UX designer…etc..

Actually, I found the new conception of website design called “CMS” to learn. Alright, I just using Chinese to introduce “CMS” yesterday. It is the excellent function for website design !

I am not yet play the function thus I can’t give the description or throw out any evaluation. However, I will almost begin to learn it recently and having powerful passion around it. Hoping that “CMS” is the good system and bring some interesting for us.

In addition, I record my first English speaking practice in morning. That is to say I through speaking diary to practice my English speaking ability. I don’t have any friends can practice English with me thus I using the method to achieve the improvement.

This method is conceive from the Youtuber who live in New York now and hold the theme of “college 101”. She through Youtube to introduce some knowledge about college life for audience. I change the form of speaking on Youtube to recording the content in smartphone. Introducing the content, such as diary, memory and any encourage statement by using English.

Gradually, I believe that the method of recording content in smartphone can enhance my English speaking ability.

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嗨,我是Mina. 一個ENTP奇女子,時常可以隨手拈來創意的Idea,正向、 活躍且浪漫。是軟體開發工程師、 部落客,還是多語學習者,喜歡去探索不同的文化跟發明些東東。

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