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The tired period

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After took TOEFL exam, I feel anxious for my future every day.

In first time, I wish to merely apply the exchange student because of I was afraid to take the TOEFL exam. However, I changed the target after got the 61 points from TOEFL. On the other hand, I changed my target to apply “Joint Dual-Degree” for M.B.A.

Nevertheless, I was changed my target again to apply a new degree for Computer Science after met my friend.

The suddenly decision is too heavy and cause me extremely anxious every day. First, I lack of any confidence for my English ability. In addition, I worry about not only my GPA but also anything happen for future and the change of environment. Numerous things around in my brain cause me can’t thinking clearly.

Worry of the future make me lose ambition to face life.

I should be slowly to walk on my road, such as ensure the English schedule complete everyday, concentration of writing paper in correctly time. The huge problem is hope to see the success of English improvement quickly.

Next, I take four steps to change my life.

  • Division of improvement of English, concentration of writing paper, maintain of GPA and assistant job.

  • Just do it and DO NOT think everything about future or anything about failure.

  • Do every part seriously but not anxious

  • Enhancing the confidence.

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