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Negative thinking

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When all of Negative, dissatisfaction, disappointment, failure and anxious mix together in your brain. That’s is a terrible thing!

I feel disappoint again after interruption of my dream which is study in Germany. Due to this phenomenon happened, I feel all of my dream was broken and really just be a dream. On the other word, I am a loser in this world and definitely fail in my whole life. I am full of these negative thinking recently and be worse continue. I don’t know how to stop thinking and why I am more negative day by day. I even don’t know how to jump-out this nightmare makes me anxious every day.

What lead them generated in brain? Because the bad thing will attractive other or more worse thinking. Is my dream doesn’t exist or this is reality? I know that changing the thinking will solve all of the problem. But, I have to know that my dream is possible to achieve or just a dream?

Nobody know this question.

However, there is no doubt that giving up all of past effort, there will no success ahead of us. We only can keep moving forward and work very hard. We will know the value after success.

Forget negative things!

Stand up!

Don’t anxious!

We are courage warriors, we spread revolution of freedom. We disagree limitation!

Don’t be afraid in your adventure life. Because all of human’s life is the adventure.

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