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An interesting concept generated from my brain, I want to say that learning English is extremely boring for many Taiwanese people. Especially when we were required to learn English since elementary school as the first foreign language by due to sociality social pressure. On the other hand, many people are exam-oriented to learn English thus they don’t find any interests in learning English.

Actually, I was studied Japanese exceedingly hard at my high school. Learning Japanese cost my approximately 8 years and I got the N3 certificate at 2015. Unfortunately, I need to get the TOEFL exam for at least 81 points in this time. So I begin to prepare the TOEFL when I entered my graduate school(2016/08).

I am anxious because of I need to get the points above 81 before 2017/12.

Does anybody know that difference between the Exam or the Real Ability? I want to emphasize the Exam grade do not represent your actually language ability. In addition, I want to claim that the Passion in learning English is super important, it will led you keep learning continue or fail. I believe that the passion for learning English is important, as it would effect your decision to continue learning English or to stop learning English. When I concentrate to prepare TOEFL exam, I feel boring and lazy to do any TPO (TOEFL Practice Online). In that time, I always think why English is so boring? why do I need to prepare this exam?

when these thinking  were generated, that is represent the failure is coming.

I asked my friend, who is major in English education, I got the answer is “Go to type college 101 on Youtube”. After I did this thing, I saw a interesting woman talk very quickly , powerful and vigorous English. Suddenly, I thought “Wow! That’s is awesome! This is my  respect and appreciation of English ability”. After these thinking generated, I discovered that the reading and listening are the part of input your brain. How about output? The speaking and writing.

Now I hope I can speak smoothly English and I find my passion to practice my English ability by use blog, also record my life. Moreover, I want to share my life by using English speaking and thinking of English logic. In conclusion, speaking and writing are directly influence the learning efficacy. But, the listening is the most important part for me since I was failure in TOEFL listening part.

I eliminate all of the anxious feeling and boring before I keep to learn English in happy feeling.

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