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Привет = hello

Пока = bye

Извините = excuse me / sorry

Спасибо  = thanks

Пожалуйста = please / your welcome

Как ты =how/how/as are you

Все =all /is all / everything

Хорошо = is fine /good/ok

Спасибо, все хорошо = thank you, I’m fine/everything is fine

Это все = that is all

Как дела? = how are you doing

Дела = case / affair /business

Я ем все = I eat everything

Все хорошо? = is everything fine?

Не надо, мама= don’t mom

До свидания = goodbye

До скорого = see you


Утро = morning

Доброе = good

Цирк = circle

Пюре = mashed potatoes

Там = there

Свитер = sweater

Яблоко = apple

Или = or

Они = they

Этот = the

Наше = our


Ustedes son mujeres

you are women, “你們” 是女人們 後面都要加es , son是複數

Somos mujeres

somos = are

Nosotros somos mujeres = we are women.

我們 是 女人們

Nosotros bebemos leche

我們 喝 牛奶



Nosotros, nosotras 都是 we

Nosotras somos niñas = We are children.

Ustedes beben leche = you all  (they/you-plural)drink

Las niñas beben agua = The/They girls drink water

Los niños beben agua = The / They boys drink water

Ellas son niñas = They/Hers are girls

Ellos son niños = They are boys

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